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Monday, May 29, 2017

Take 5 Minutes To Love On Yourself From Head To Toe

Many people confuse self-pampering with self-love. But there’s a big difference: Getting your hair and nails done or treating yourself to another pair of shoes are all acts of self-pampering but they do not equate to self-love. Self-love is all about accepting yourself just the way you are ….imperfections and all. It’s about embracing what makes you authentically YOU and choosing to be compassionate to the person you see in the mirror rather than being self-critical. So when I say that we as women need to love ourselves from head to toe, I'm not talking about the stuck-up, prideful, self-worshiping, type of attitude that turns a person into a self-absorbed egomaniac. I'm talking about loving and appreciating the individual who God made you to be, being compassionate with yourself and embracing every single word in the Bible that speaks to your identity and power as a child of God. This is the kind of self-love that anchors your confidence because it is grounded in Biblical truth. And it’s solidified with gratitude, self-knowledge and the ability to be comfortable in your own skin. So today, take 5 minutes to love yourself from head to toe.

Here’s How To Do It In  5 Minutes Or Less
  • Look in the mirror and say the words: I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
  • Now do it one more time, but this time smile when you say it and add the words ...I love me.
  • Download the song “The Greatest Love of All,” sung by Whitney Houston or George Benson. Listen to this song and embrace the message regarding the importance of learning to love yourself.
(Psalm 139:14) in the Bible. Sit with this verse for a moment. Ponder this verse in your own heart. Let the words in this scripture reach inside of you and touch your soul. Then, remind yourself that God loves you and you are surrounded by a wellspring of unconditional love.

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