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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Sometimes in life when you are trying to do right, but you slip up and fall, or you keep finding yourself walking in the mud so to speak, you may naively believe that God has no PURPOSE for you because you are prone to slipping and falling and even walking in the mud from time to time. And when this happens the enemy tries to grab you by the feet of your faith and make you believe that you cannot go to God muddy and dirty. And over time, this line of thinking will cause you to become defeated in your FAITH WALK and as a result you may even stop reading the word, stop praying and stop giving God the praise because you are allowing the weight of the mud to become bigger than God’s light and your KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT. 

Whenever we become PARALYZED IN THE SPIRIT we become like the man at the pool of Bethesda who Jesus told to “Arise and Pick Up Your Bed and Walk” Your Bed represents the issues that keep you on your back in the spirit rather than knowing that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you but you must take it DAY BY DAY. Hence: Give us this DAY our DAILY BREAD…not our weekly bread, monthly bread or yearly bread but our one day at a time sustenance 

When we allow ourselves to become immobilized because we are not perfect and we’ve got mud on our feet, I cally this the DIRTY FEET SYNDROME. We are allowing the dirt on our feet to become bigger than our purpose, destiny and relationship with God. As a result we go from slipping and tripping to totally backsliding. 

NO ONE IS PERFECT…not even your pastor. WE ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY. If every believer waited until they were perfect without any character flaws or personal struggles, to move forward in purpose and destiny then we would all have to wait until we were dead and no one would ever accomplish anything in life for the Kingdom.

Did you know that BACKSLIDING is not just falling backward, but it is also FAILING TO MOVE FORWARD SPIRITUALLY, in spite of your daily struggles. If we are not moving forward in purpose and destiny, then we are naturally going backward. In the Believer’s life, there is no room for spiritually paralysis …we’ve got work to do. So you must put your big girl panties on or your big boy underwear on and PICK UP YOUR BED and WALK. Take your issues with you and when you ask YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN to GIVE YOU THIS DAY YOUR DAILY BREAD ,,include your struggles in your petition for daily bread. 

The bottom and top line of it all is we are either progressing in spite of addictions, problems and character flaws or we are regressing because of them. You show me a person who is failing to move forward spiritually, and by that I mean a person who is not growing in their love walk, developing the fruit of the spirit, deepening their prayer life and study of Scripture and impacting lives for God, and I will show you a person who has succumbed to what I call the Dirty Feet Syndrome. 

It’s important to remember that all of the great men and women of the Bible had struggles and flaws. It was after Noah built the ark that he was laid out on the ground naked and drunk. This is not an excuse, This is real life with real people who had real struggles. The difference is a REAL GOD showed up each and every time to bring them through it. (Jeremiah 3:22) says, "Return, you backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings." This means each and every time we are to turn and return to God, no matter how dirty we feel. And the word used here is backslidings, with an "s" at the end, meaning it is plural so God already knows that we will make mistakes daily and backslide more than once. But as OUR FATHER, we can go to Him muddy and dirty. I am thoroughly convinced that one of the reasons why JESUS was BORN IN A MANGER, which was a place where they kept animals at that time so the place was MUDDY and DIRTY, is because JESUS will meet us wherever we're at in life even when we are in a dirty and muddy place. 

Everybody has an area of struggle that they don’t put on Front Street, but that does not mean that God is not slowly but surely working on them as he instructs them for their assignment. If God calls you to encourage someone or pray for someone or even start a ministry…WHO ARE YOU TO TELL GOD NO!!! God knows your mess just like He knows mine, but God’s purpose can only be achieved through PEOPLE who are willing to KEEP ON WALKING and PICK UP THEIR BED WALK …NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Keep in mind that the body functions as a whole, BOTH PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY need your eyes THAT SEE but you also need your feet THAT WALK. And even though your eyes are in closer proximity to the head, without your feet you cannot TURN AROUND and change your life, MOVE FORWARD in the things of God so that you can walk in purpose and be empowered to STAND when life gets crazy and scary. You can't even TRAMPLE on serpents and scorpions without your feet. The bottom line is YOU NEED YOUR FEET even if they're dirty and GOD NEEDS FOOT SOLDIERS to ACHIEVE HIS PURPOSE THROUGH PEOPLE ON EARTH.

It's easy to disregard the importance of the feet and take them for granted because your feet get dirty easily and they are closer to the ground than your eyes. After all your eyes have the power to look up and see, Yet and still, your feet are a very critical part of the body. And if you've been through the mud, your feet are the first part of THE BODY to get dirty. But the beauty about dirty feet that REFUSE TO STOP WALKING is not only can you shake the dust off of your feet, you can wash your feet and you can shod them with the gospel of peace too. Never allow anyone to make you believe that because your feet have been through the mud, that you cannot SLIDE THEM BACK TOWARD GOD and allow God and God alone to heal your backslidings. .

Much Love,
Cassandra Mack.