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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Are You Prematurely Throwing Out Your Cracked Eggs? Never Forget That Cracked Eggs Can Feed People Too

One day, I was boiling eggs for breakfast when I noticed that one of my eggs had a crack in it. Now usually when I find an egg with a crack in it, I either fry it, or scramble it because i limit its purpose based on its cracks. Unbeknownst to me,  I developed a pattern of  looking at the egg based on the visible crack rather than the fact that the crack in the egg does not limit the eggs capacity to feed people. Not only that cracked eggs go in the carton too and many times they are the first to be used, while the eggs that look perfect or have a form of perfectionism just sit in the egg cartoon.

What I am leaning about the way in which God uses people especially people who do like Moses and say "Here I Am"  independent of their personal struggles and their past is that when God has an assignment for you, it's not for you to tell God whether or not you are worthy of the calling and anointing that He placed on your life. God knows what He is doing and doesn't need you or me to tell Him whether or not He should use us. Not only that, but further...people with visible cracks can testify to other people with visible cracks about not only the goodness of God and the grace and favor of God but the love and mercy of God. See when you have visible cracks it lets you know that had it not been for the Lord on your side where would you be and when you let other people know this, it frees them to move forward in purpose while God works on whatever issues need to be worked on. But life doesn't stop because we have issues and character flaws, time keeps moving forward and you have an assignment that must be completed during the course of your lifespan, whether you are cracked up,jacked up or think you're perfect.

Now back to my cracked egg story:  So because I really wanted boiled eggs on this particular morning and not fried eggs or scrambled ones, I put my cracked egg in the pot along with the perfect looking eggs, boiled it, put a little salt and pepper on it...And guess what? It was just as able to feed me as the perfect looking eggs. In fact, I am thoroughly convinced that I enjoyed the egg with the crack in it a little bit more because the cracked egg had a bit more flair and flavor. Feel me?

Did you know that many of us as Believers are like that cracked egg? Meaning...our struggles and weaknesses are clearly visible to others? And sometimes because our cracked areas are so apparent like ...having an issue with alcohol or drugs, having kids that are way off track, having a spouse who is cheating and rubbing our face in it, having a sexual track record that would put a Pro to shame. Because of these kinds of highly visible cracks, other people, especially judgmental ones with a religious attitude, may look down on the cracked egg and presuppose that God cannot use us greatly.

But here is where you've got to know that if God can speak through the mouth of a Jack Ass  as noted in (Numbers 22:28-30)  then certainly God can use you too, even if you've got some jacked up areas in your life or from time to time behave in asinine ways. 

I am here to tell you that cracked eggs go right in the carton along with the perfect looking eggs. And sometimes what looks perfect on the outside is rotten to the core when you look on the inside. The only thing that separates the perfect looking eggs from the cracked one is, with the perfect looking eggs you cannot see the areas were they are cracked, because their cracks are not necessarily of the flesh, but within the spirit.... like: having a judgmental spirit, a jealous attitude, an unforgiving spirit or a gossiping tongue. 

And you know what else? God is no respecter of persons. As a result He uses cracked eggs, cracked pots and cracked people, because the thing about having a visible crack is you know exactly what you need to give to God because you can't fall back on the defense mechanism of denial.

Today, don't beat yourself up because of your visible cracks. Instead take it day by day, hour by hour or moment to moment  and  when you ask God to give you this day your daily bread, know that God will meet you every day right where you're at and feed you so that you can feed somebody else. Never forget that when you go to the grocery store to buy eggs you will find cracked eggs in the same cartoon as the ones that look perfect on the outside.

REPEAT: Like the cracked egg, I have purpose and potential too.

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