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Sunday, February 11, 2018


If you were asked to describe yourself starting with the words, I AM… What would you say? Would you say something along the lines of… I Am Smart! I Am Gifted! I Am Blessed! I Am Powerful! I Am Lovable! I Am Creative! I Am Victorious! I Am Destined for Success! Or, would you be more inclined to view yourself through the lens of, I-Am-Not? 

The question of your identity is a question worth asking, because when you have a healthy perspective of your worth and value, then no one will ever be able to run up in your life and make you believe that you are inadequate in any way or unworthy of love. 
Regardless of what anyone has ever said to you or done to you or what you’ve been conditioned to believe; the deeper reality of your identity is this: YOU were created to reflect God’s glory, love, power, and light! You were created to SHOW UP for LIFE from your place of Power, Love and Resilience. You are already complete. You are lacking in NO THING! You have ideas worth sharing, talents worth multiplying, goals worth reaching for and dreams worth pursuing. But it all starts with knowing who you are. SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR I AM will help you understand who you are in God. 

SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR I AM is a book about affirming your worth and building the kind of self-esteem that emanates from within and that will carry you through the changing seasons of your life. SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR I AM, provides 25 Bible-based affirmations to help you breakthrough self-defeating limitations so that you can embrace your most authentic, actualized and resilient self. 

Speaking Life Into Your I Am, is a book about following Jesus’s example of affirming your identity. When Jesus said, “I am the light of the world,” he was defining himself and affirming his identity. Jesus was essentially saying: I know who I am!
Throughout the Bible, Jesus says, “I AM” and then defines for himself who He is. Jesus describes himself as the way, the truth, the light, the resurrection, and the life. Over and over in the Bible, we see Jesus affirming His identity, starting with the words …I Am. Jesus knew who he was and he modeled an important Kingdom principle for us all: The importance of… SPEAKING LIFE, into your “self.” 

It’s vital to realize that you don’t need the approval of other people in order to live your truth. In fact, relying on the approval of others, robs you of your personal power. Here’s why: We were all made in God’s image and likeness. This alone gives every human being inherent worth and value, apart from anything that we could ever do, accomplish or achieve. But each of us has to come to this realization for ourselves.

Lifelong self-esteem cannot happen apart from knowing who we are in God.

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