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Sunday, April 22, 2018


One of the most life-changing things that we can do as a civilized society for the incarcerated population is to not only provide hope to those who feel lost and forgotten, but to also provide pathways for them to develop the necessary life skills to help them turn their lives around as they prepare to integrate back into society. Skills like: decision-making, problem-solving, emotional coping skills, empathy, goal-setting, respect, stress-management, communication, self-awareness, productivity-planning, relationship-building and confidence building are all life skills that they will need in order to stay out of trouble and become productive citizens. And these are the exact skills, that Cassandra Mack’s personal growth books emphasize and teach. 

The Hope Through Reading Project is an initiative of Cassandra Mack Ministries that seeks to reduce the sense of hopelessness and desperation that many incarcerated men and women feel by providing them with inspirational books that offer tools for personal development, spiritual growth, better decision-making skills and insights to change their lives for the better. We do this by providing correctional institutions with copies of our books free of charge to stock in their libraries.

Through the Hope Through Reading Project, we ask that you partner with us in our ministry efforts by purchasing copies of Cassandra Mack’s books from Amazon at the following link Cassandra Mack's Books On Amazon and then having Amazon ship the books directly to the correctional facility of your choice. 

Won’t you join us in our mission of getting our personal development books into as many facilities as possible by becoming a Hope Through Reading sponsor? It's easy to become a Hope Through Reading sponsor. Simply purchase 3 or more of one of Cassandra Mack's titles from the recommended reading list below and have Amazon ship the books directly to the correctional facility of your choice, care of, the Prison Librarian. This enables our books to be made available for prison library use.