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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I'm sure you've heard the saying..."Don't get ahead of yourself." Intellectually we know this is true, but emotionally when you really desire to have something or do something and you feel like it's not happening fast enough, it's easy to grow impatient and get ahead of yourself. But sometimes we may desire a thing that we're not fully ready to receive. And when you are not yet ready, you've got to stay in the pot and cook a little longer.

Ever made a pot of white rice? On the surface rice seems like one of the easiest dishes to make. However, a lot of people mess up rice, even though it only requires a little butter, water and salt to taste. Why do so many people mess up rice? Because the secret to making great rice is not in the's in the timing.

Timing when it comes to rice is everything: If you take the rice out of the pot before it's ready, it will come out watery and mushy. But on the other hand if you leave the rice in the pot for too long, it will come out hard and burnt. Because once again....the secret to well prepared rice is in the timing. Our lives work in a similar way.

Where can it be said that you've got to stay in the pot a little longer? 

Do you need to get ready with respect to your attitude? What about your habits? What about your mindset? Do you need to get right with respect to a particular relationship? See we all have areas in our lives, where we have to stay in the pot until we either change our attitude, break a bad habit or forgive somebody who wronged us or develop a particular discipline,.

So today, when you think about that blessing that you really really want that has not yet materialized, don't fret, don't get disappointed and most of all don't give up, it's not that it's not going to happen for you, it's simply that you want to make sure when you finally get it, you'll be well prepared just like that pot of rice that is not too mushy and not too hard.

Galatians 6:9 puts it this way ...."Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

REPEAT: Today I am okay with staying in the pot because the pot is the place where preparation meets timing. And when I come out the pot, I'll be ready..ready in mind, ready in attitude and ready in spirit. I won't jump out the pot, until I get the green light from God.
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