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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Use The Summer Time As An Opportunity To Shed Any Mental Weight That Might Be Holding You Back

YOUR BODY MIGHT BE BEACH READY ...BUT IS YOUR MIND READY TO DROP THE WEIGHT OF ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS THAT EAT AWAY AT YOUR HAPPINESS & PEACE OF MIND If you need to SHED SOME MENTAL WEIGHT OR EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE...Pick Up A Copy of my spiritual detox THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK. This is the perfect time to go on a Soul Fast so that you can detox from all of the negativity and get your emotions and spirit in a good place. In the Summertime, a lot of people focus solely on getting their body ready for the beach. However, it is just as important to get your heart and mind ready to receive the new blessings and breakthroughs that this season has to offer you. Don't just focus on shedding physical weight, focus on shedding any and every mental and emotional weight that stands in the way of your happiness and success. GET ON THE SOUL FAST. 

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