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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Enter My Free Book Giveaway

Every day up until the day of the Grab A Girlfriend & Take Time For Self Walk on September 29th, 2018, I will be giving away one FREE Copy of my book, GRAB A GIRLFRIEND & GO TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK to the 29th person who signs up on that day by entering their email at the following website:
When you enter your email if you are the 29th person on that day to enter your email, you will get a free paperback copy of my book, "GRAB A GIRLFRIEND & GO TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK"

If you are the winner on that day, you will get an email from a member of my team requesting your postal mailing address so that we can ship you a book. We only ship in the USA If you live outside of the USA you will get the E-Book version and not the paperback


1. Enter Your Email at:

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3. Make sure to hit the Complete Subscription Request Button After You Enter Your Email

4. You will receive a verification message in your inbox that you subscribed to:. Grab A Girlfriend And Go. Once you hit the verification confirmation in your email FeedBurner activates your subscription to “Grab A Girlfriend and Go” once you respond to this verification message.

5. Check Your Junk/Spam Folder to Make Sure that the Verification Email did not go to your Spam Folder.

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