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Friday, October 5, 2018

Join Me On October 8th for A 10-Day Emotional Detox

Are Your Emotions Getting The Best of You? Do you go from 0 to 100 in a New York Minute? Want to learn how to master your mood, attitude and emotions so that you don't make short-sighted choices or stay in your feelings when you need to focus on the bigger picture? 

Join me on Monday October 8th, 2018 right on YouTube for a 10-Day Emotional Master Cleanse designed to help you get a handle on toxic emotions.

Beginning on Monday, October 8th I will upload a video on YOUTUBE for 10 days in a row that will focus on how to let go of an overwhelming emotion that can become toxic if it is not released in a healthy way.

We will be working from my book THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK which is available @ Amazon at the following link: Get The Soul Fast Workbook

Watch the video to see how to join the 10 Day Emotional Cleanse.Emotional Master Cleanse Invitation