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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Win A Copy of My 2019 Planner Journal

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Every day up until December 31, 2018, I will be giving away one FREE Copy of my 2019 planner journal, to the 31st person who signs up on that day by entering their email at this website

When you enter your email if you are the 31st person on that day to enter your email, you will get a free paperback copy of my book, "See It, Speak It, Write It, Do It"

If you are the winner on that day, you will get an email from a member of my team requesting your postal mailing address so that we can ship you a book. We only ship in the USA. If you live outside of the USA you will get the E-Book version and not the paperback


1. Enter Your Email 

2. Follow the prompts to subscribe.

3. Make sure to hit the Complete Subscription Request Button After You Enter Your Email

4. You will receive a verification message in your inbox that you subscribed to:. Cassandra Mack Ministries. Once you hit the verification confirmation in your email FeedBurner activates your subscription to “Cassandra Mack Ministries” once you respond to this verification message.

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