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Sunday, December 9, 2018


Watch The Total Forgiveness Video Here:Total Forgiveness Video

2019 will be here sooner than you know it and it's always a good idea to re-evaluate your life and set some new goals in order to position yourself for greater breakthroughs and increased success.

Let TOTAL FORGIVENESS be one of your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, so that you can live strong and walk boldly into your future without having to carry the added psychological weight of resentment, bitterness, self-loathing or guilt. ...Because carrying old hurts and offenses into the new year, not only prevents you from moving into the new year with a fresh start, it also Holds You Back from SHOWING UP FOR YOUR LIFE AS YOUR MOST RESILIENT & POWERFUL SELF.

If you are depressed, frustrated, angry and sad ...disappointed or disillusioned by the people who've hurt you and let you down ...or you want to get your confidence, joy and peace back ...TOTAL FORGIVENESS is the answer you've been looking for.

TOTAL FORGIVENESS does not require you to pretend that you’re not hurt or angry. TOTAL FORGIVENESS empowers you to honor your feelings more than ever, while helping you create an inner shift to in your soul to move from walking through life with a closed heart to heart that is DISCERNING While LOVING ..JOYFUL while WISE, ....FORGIVING while TESTING for TRUTH & INTEGRITY.

Come to the TOTAL FORGIVENESS EXPERIENCE on December, 30, 2018 in New York City and gain Bible-based tools to let go of the hurts, disappointments and resentment that do not serve you well and that hinders you from living your best life now.

You may have had to bury your innocence if you were violated, or your trust if you were betrayed or your safety if you were abused or your freedom if you were incarnated, or your marriage if your spouse walked out on you, or even your children if they were called to go home with the Lord before you, but if you are ALIVE then it means that YOU STILL GOT SOME LIVING TO DO ...SO YOU CANNOT BURY YOUR FUTURE WITH THE PAIN OR GUILT FROM YOUR PAST.

Get Your Breakthrough on December 30, 2018 at my TOTAL FORGIVENESS EXPERIENCE Live Event in New York City, where you will be given Biblical tools to FORGIVE so that you can LIVE STRONG.

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Much Love,
Cassandra Mack