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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


For those of you who are doing the 40-Day Soul Fast with me to give up negativity for Lent, I am so glad about your decision to be intentional about removing as much negativity from your life as possible and through the Soul Fast, we will be doing it together. I wanted to share 3 simple things that you can do to stay the course of fasting from negativity whenever you are bombarded with thoughts, emotions and people who try to pull your energy and attention in the direction of their toxicity.

Following are 3 simple things that you can do to to keep yourself in a focused and fruitful head-space whenever you are being pulled out of your peace in the direction of negativity. 

#1.) Whenever you find yourself being exposed to media newsfeeds, advertisements, conversations and commentary that pulls your thoughts, emotions and decisions (Your Soul) in the direction of negativity, listen to your spirit and turn off whatever is bringing your thoughts, emotions and reactions in the energy field of negativity.

          If need be ....Turn off the television or radio, leave the room, put on some headphones and listen to music on your phone or an inspiring Youtube video, put the magazine down, and affirm: I no longer wish to be in the energy field of anything that is not aligned with the well-being of my Spirit. If it's someone at your job, cut the conversation short, use the Power of Silence and leave the room. If you cannot leave the room totally withdraw from the person emotionally. Feel yourself withdrawing your emotional energy from the negative person and then use the medicinal power of the bible scriptures to claim your peace in the moment which will enable you to vibrate at the level of Spirit, instead of being pulled into the other person's evil energy and emotional chaos or internal rage. You can do this.

# 2.) Use The Power of Your Words To FRAME YOUR WORLD. Don't be afraid to verbally affirm your state of being. For example, you might say something along the lines of... I won’t be emotionally pulled into other people's madness. I’ll never allow myself to feed into other people's misery, personal unrest, insecurities, and I refuse to allow negative people to distract me from my primary priorities and my purpose. I don’t vibrate to frequencies that are designed to pull and or keep MY BEING in a state of rage, inferiority, self-doubt, low self-esteem. Their negativity is their issue to work out, not mine to feed into.

# 3) Never forget that YOU ARE A THINKING, SPEAKING, FREE WILL POWERFUL HUMAN BEING who was created by GOD out of love to reflect His IMAGE & LIKENESS. Write this down, and place it in a conspicuous place, and repeat it to yourself as often as you need to.

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With Love,
Cassandra Mack

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