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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Day 1 of The Soul Fast With Cassandra Mack 2019

Day 1
 Fasting From Negative Thinking

Today’s Fast: Today We Are Fasting From… “I Can’t.”

I wanted to jump into your inbox today with a reminder that your thoughts hold massive power, so be on guard for negative thoughts that try to set up camp in your mental residence (mind).

I got up this morning to spend some me time with God and write this post for you and the thought “I can’t” kept popping into my mind. I sat in my bed thinking about the thought that says “I can’t” and how this seemingly mundane little thought has stolen more confidence, derailed more dreams and eaten away at more goals, than virtually any other negative belief.  

Have you ever said, “I can’t” to something you wanted or needed to do?  There are so many things that we think we cannot do and here are just a few…

I can't change my life for the better.  I can’t overcome my past. I can’t be healed from the abuse and trauma that I’ve been through. I can't deal with the politics at my job. I can’t deal with an unfair boss or difficult co-workers. I can’t handle this situation. I can't forgive that person for what they did to me. I can't recover from this financial setback. I can't understand why they did what they did to me. I can't go back to college at this age. I can't handle another heartbreak. I can’t do this 40-day Soul Fast ...and the list of “I can’ts” goes on. 

Our list of I can’ts will hold us back more than the actual obstacle or challenge and cause us to give up prematurely, luring us into another year where we feel like nothing is changing.

We change the way we think and the way we look at things.

There’s a popular quote that goes, ...”When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at start to change.”

It’s about perspective. With this in mind, let’s change every “I can’t” into, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4: 13)

If you view your life through the lens of I can’t then you won’t. It’s totally up to you!!!
 But on the flip side, if you view your life through the lens of ,“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” then you will, because you will start to view the situations that you encounter as opportunities to overcome and create something new from you and through you. And the risen version of you will rise to the occasion and handle it.

Today is a new day!!!

It’s new because the sun has risen this morning.
It’s new because you have arisen to meet it.
And the risen version of you has the power and capacity to rise to the occasion and handle your business for today.

Remind Yourself: This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118: 24)

PRAYER: You can prayer the scripture from today’s message or you can pray about anything that’s on your heart.

FASTING with The Soul Fast Workbook: Take at least 15-minutes today to renew your mind and fast from negative thinking by intentionally taking your thoughts captive  as you complete your journal entry for (DAY 1) in the, 

 ALMSGIVING: If you are Giving Away $1 A Day along with us as part of your Almsgiving, don’t forget to pay-it-forward today. You can download my free Give Away $1 A Day Journal at the following link. Give Away $1 A Day Journal

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With Love,
Cassandra Mack


  1. Good Morning Sis. Cassandra! So glad for the first day of our 40 Day Soul Fast! Looking forward to all the posting changes and blessings that will come from it. Got my workbook, and I am ready to dive right in. Have a blessed day ♡ ~Crystal (Mississippi)

    1. Awesome Crystal. I am glad you're with us on this soul fast. God bless

  2. Typo: I meant to type "positve" changes. My phone typed in "posting". So sorry.

  3. Greetings Minister Cassandra
    I truly enjoy the soul nurturing benefits you share from Gods word. Looking forward to this Soul fast...waiting for my book to arrive. Thank you for being an anointed vessel God uses to heal & bless so many. Have a lovely day!!

    1. Be blessed Lucia i am glad you are with us on this fast

  4. Thank you Cassandra mack I really needed this is helping me to work through somethings to get rid of the negative and welcome the positive.