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Friday, May 3, 2019

Take Your Thoughts Captive Using The Bus Analogy Technique

Your life is like a bus in that you are the driver and your thoughts are the passengers. The Bus metaphor is about realizing that, it’s not our thoughts that drive our lives but instead they sit in our minds as a passenger hops on and off a bus.

Stay with me …the bus represents the mind and the passengers symbolize different thoughts, urges and emotions that pop into your mind or that get on your bus, even though you are driving your bus toward a designated destination.... like greater peace, joy, and emotional healing or the realization of your goals

Now remember you are the driver of your bus, who is not controlled by the contestant stream of passengers that hop on your bus, but by your inner man or spirit who is the driver of your bus. For example, the driver of a bus may notice a passenger telling him he that he is ugly, useless or stupid, but the driver does not necessarily have to believe the passenger and can choose for himself or herself whether what the passenger is saying is true. Now if the litmus test for truth about who the driver is, is the Bible or word of God, than the driver can know with 100% certainty that the passenger or negative thought passing through his mind riding on his bus is lying to him and trying to pull him off course.

As the driver of our lives (remember the bus represents your life), we make important decisions about the speed and direction of our bus; we generally have a sense of where we might like to go and the pace at which we might like to move. Now keep in mind, even though we have a sense of purpose and a destiny that we are trying to get to passengers or negative thoughts will still hop on our bus and they may even express their opinions loudly and aggressively, while passengers sit back quietly but still making their presence known.

Some passengers may even run to the front of your bus and demand your attention by screaming at you to go in a different direction than where you’re trying to go. But as the driver, you get to drive your bus toward the destination of your choosing.