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Tuesday, August 6, 2019


In order for our relationships to be HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE they must have two important elements: SHARED PURPOSE and AGREEMENT. This principle of PURPOSE and AGREEMENT is so critical to our very existence that even in human anatomy, we learn that the right connection of atoms at the most finite level of life are essential to the growth and health of every system in the body. If one single cell strays from its purpose, or if the nervous system decides it doesn't want to work with the circulatory system or if the wrong proton attaches itself to the wrong neutron ....the whole body is out of alignment and at risk for Dis-EASE. In fact the body will shut down and die a slow debilitating death. 

Sometimes we hold on to relationships that are dying a slow and debilitating death when God is telling us to move forward in purpose and let the dead bury the dead (Luke 9:60). Unhealthy connections whether in the friendship realm, the intimate relationship realm or the sub-atomic unseen realm of our physical anatomy will always bring about cancerous conditions and dis-ease of the heart, unless we make the choice to let go of the people, places and things who are not being fruitful or multiplying the wellbeing and productivity in our lives.

Sometimes the reason why WE EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL CANCER whenever we are in the vicinity of certain people or we become inflicted with a feeling of DIS-EASE in our soul that keeps resurfacing when we think of certain people is because we have allowed ourselves to remain emotionally attached to people who are no longer right for the season we're moving in and who do not have a clear purpose in our lives, so they begin to create disharmony and strife. 

In human biology, even a white blood cell knows when it's time to stop hanging on to a red blood cell and cease fighting a dis-ease because it's time to completely let go. 

Know that sometimes in life, in order to experience the full fruit of your next season you will be required to let go OF some of the people and things in your life that are not MULTIPLYING YOUR PEACE, PROSPERITY and JOY and who are simply not producing good fruit in your life.

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Much Love,
Cassandra Mack