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Thursday, October 10, 2019

How Does Faith Make Us Well?

Happy Thursday:

And He said to her, “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.” (Luke 8:48) 

In the story of the woman with the issue of blood, Jesus tells this woman "Your faith has made you well" ... meaning (COMPLETELY WHOLE ) 

That’s what faith does. It makes us COMPLETELY WHOLE - one day at a time. 

This woman in the bible, though healed of her physical ailment, eventually faced what we all face – our own mortality. Like all of us, eventually she died physically. But her faith made her “well.” Her faith meant that even with mortality, she was complete, whole, healthy in mind and spirit -which is the place where healing is activated. This is what faith, true faith, does to a person. It makes that person truly whole, regardless of the physical outcome.

Jesus also leaves this woman with HIS PEACE, when he tells her to be of GOOD CHEER. This is a peace that surpasses all understanding and that divinely enables us to experience interludes of joy in our lives even when our circumstances are very difficult and far from ideal. 

It's important for us as believers to understand that God does not makes us whole only for ourselves. Remember -after Jesus healed this woman who told her to go her way in other words go back into the community and share the good news. God empowers us with spiritual and psychological wholeness so that we can continue to be ambassadors for Christ in the midst of our own trials in a hurting and broken world. With the gift of HIS PEACE aka "good cheer" we become divinely enabled to show the world what a whole person looks like even when they are going through their own valleys. We become ambassadors of CHRIST as a new creation but it emanates from our inner man/inner woman and not our physical body.. 

You didn't have to be a literal witness to the healing of the woman with the issue of blood to know that this woman would never forget that moment in her life when she made the faith-based decision to move from living under the domain of her conditions and issues into living from the place of the kingdom-within domain which came as a result of being touched by Christ. From that moment on, her story was the same every time someone noticed her peaceful demeanor, her healthy glow, her calm in the midst of the storm. And although I wasn't there personally I can only imagine that when people asked this woman who was made whole through her personal encounter with Christ ......What is it about you, that is so peaceful ...You don't even look like you were plagued by a long-standing issue? 

My guess is that she would have said something like this ..... “Well,” let me tell you about the day I pushed through my issues to have a personal encounter with Christ and as a result I was made well and was divinely enabled with His peace to carry me through…”

Today, whatever your issues, ailments or conditions; do like the woman with the issue of blood, and choose to keep walking by faith despite your issues until you hear God say ..."Be of good cheer, your faith has made you well."

Much Love,
Cassandra Mack