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Monday, January 6, 2020

When God Begins A Work In You, Don't Let Self-Doubt Undermine Your Progress

I hope and pray that you have a fruitful week. I was thinking about how easy we can become our own worst critic when it comes to the pursuit of our goals and dreams if we are not intentional about applying God's word to every facet of our lives.

Sometimes when we look back in the rear view mirror of our lives and dare to dream our biggest dreams, we regretfully reflect on the things we’ve done and who we’ve done them with and it makes us feel like we are not that worthy. And sometimes without even realizing it we start to convince ourselves that we just don’t measure up. And when people deal with you based on how you used to live and what you used to do, they can make you think that your track record of messiness holds more weight in your life than your current character and destiny. 

This is why it’s important to remember that ANYONE CAN CHANGE and GOD CAN USE ANYONE HE SO CHOOSES TO USE.

The biggest critic you will ever face is the one that lives in your own mind. When I started my first business Strategies for Empowered Living Inc., it wasn’t the criticism from outsiders that held me back, because I’ve always known how to shake off the haters. It was my own mind worrying that people would think I wasn’t cut out to be a corporate trainer and consultant, because I had no formalized business training. I didn’t know how to read a spread sheet, figure out my business taxes or write out a contract in order to spell out the terms of the business gig. I wasn’t a member of The National Speaker’s Association, Toastmasters or The American Society of Training and Development …I was simply a woman with a mouth to speak and a good enough idea.  At the time I didn’t tell any of my friends about what I was doing, they found out by way of my website. 

When I started writing in the direction of my faith, which eventually grew into Cassandra Mack Ministries, it wasn’t the negative opinions or hateful comments from other people that scared me. It was my own fears about what people would think if a woman with a messy past like mine, stepped into my ministry and dared to answer the calling that I knew that God has placed on my life. I started writing my faith-based notes in a word document before I worked up the courage to start sharing them publicly, and then one day I took a chance and started manifesting the gifts that God put on the inside. 

Everyone has doubts, but the danger of allowing the internal voice of doubt to speak louder than our goals, dreams and purpose is we end up delaying our calling and undermining our own success. It’s important to realize that even if you don’t feel confident emotionally, God has already pre-destined you for success and to do great works for His Glory. So today think about your goals and dreams for this year and beyond and start prayerfully taking steps in the direction of your calling. 2020 can be your year for success and increase if you choose to make it the year that you STEP OUT ON FAITH. 

(Philippians 1:6) says …”Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” 

So remind yourself that if God began a good work in you, He will see it through until completion. All you have to do is keep showing up and putting in the 

 ***Written By Cassandra Mack*** 

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