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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


In Genesis chapter 19 verses 26 - 37, there's a story where Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt because she choose to look back at a place that God wanted her to come out of. 
In the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 19 verses 26 - 37, there's a story where Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt because she chose to look back at a place that God wanted her to come out of. This story is metaphorical in many ways because just like Lot's wife; many of us have turned into pillars of salt mentally, emotionally or spiritually because we are living in the past and longing for the past when God wants to move us from places that are burning the life out of us and are up in smoke and that have the potential to take us with them if we do not make the choice to let them go and stop looking back. Looking back at the things that God wants to bring you out of extends the shelf life of stagnation, pain and feelings of powerless when God has a hope and a future for you.

Salt is a flavoring agent and a food preservative. In other words salt extends the shelf life of a thing that would ordinary expire if it was alive and salt makes food taste good by enhancing flavor. However, sometimes what taste good to our senses is not always the healthiest choice long term. Furthermore, sometimes instead of trying to extend the shelf life of something that was meant to expire we need to let it expire and not taste it anymore. 

Don't Be Like Lot's Wife & Turn Your Life Into A Pillar of Salt Looking Back & Yearning For The Very Thing That God Told You To Move On From. When The Situation or Relationship That You Were Connected To Is Totally Up In Smoke & Trying To Burn You With It, You've Got To Be Willing To Move On From That Season In Your Life Without Looking Back. Salt in this context represents a preservative. Salt helps to preserve the shelf life of certain foods. But the danger of turning into a pillar of salt in the spirit realm is that you start to preserve relationships, mindsets, attitudes and habits that do not feed your spirit but instead only preserve what God is telling you to walk away from without looking back. 

Lot's wife didn't just look back, but she looked back at the place that God was trying to bring her out of with a sense of yearning, nostalgia and longing. And the problem with yearning for a thing that is clearly going up in smoke is it does not allow you to move forward with faith and vision for your future. Lot's wife was holding on to a past that God wanted her to leave behind, by yearning for it in her heart. In other words, she was choosing to emotionally hold on to a past that no longer served a godly purpose in her life which affected her ability to move forward in her PURPOSE FOR THE NEW SEASON THAT GOD wanted her to walk in. 

Looking back like Lot's wife can be compared to yearning for the Summer season and wearing summer sandals at the risk of not being prepared for the winter, when it's clearly obvious the summer season has come to an end and you now have to work with the winter season that you are in. The irony of this story in the Bible is .....God offered Lot's Wife An Opportunity To Move On From A Place That Was Dying So That She Could Move Forward In Purpose. But Lot's Wife Didn't Know How To Change With The New Season She Was Being Ushered Into. Lot's Wife Choose To Stay Connected To A Dying Place Which Was Represented As A City. 

My question for you this morning is this: Are willing to be ushered into the new things that God has for you or are you still psychologically connected to a dead place that is spiritually up in smoke, when God has given you a way of escape and told you to not look back with yearning and longing? Life Is A Series of Choices and we must always discern when it's time to move on from situations, mindsets, outlooks and relationships that are clearly going up in smoke and trying to burn us with it.. 

***Written By Cassandra Mack***

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