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Monday, March 9, 2020

Day 11 of The Lent Soul Fast With Cassandra Mack

Cassandra Mack’s Soul Fast 40-Day Challenge

Day 11

Fasting From Negative Emotions

As of today we will be taking 10 days out of our 40-day soul fast for Lent to detox from from emotions that pull our thoughts, conversations, energy and actions in the direction of negativity and fruitlessness.

Today’s Fast: Today We Are Fasting from the emotion of… Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious about something like an exam for school, an important decision you had to make, a test result from the doctor that you were waiting on, a presentation you had to make at work or something else? How did this feeling of anxiety affect you? Were your palms sweaty? Did you heart feel like it was racing? Did you feel nervousness in the pit of your stomach? Were your thoughts all over the place imagining the worst possible outcome in each situation? The point that I am making is whenever we allow feelings of anxiety to lead the way, our minds become overtaken with thoughts about worst case scenarios or we vividly imagine the most terrible and dreadful outcome that it’s hard to focus on anything else except doom and gloom.

Scripture says be anxious for nothing and this is easier said then done, because the more you try to stop an anxious thought that more that thought seems to demand your attention. This is why the Bible gives us the strategy of HOW TO BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING. The strategy is through prayer and supplication with a spirit of gratitude to let our requests be made known to God.

Therefore, once we make our requests known to God by prayer and supplication with a spirit/attitude of appreciation and gratefulness, we are to leave the issue in God’s hands and go about our day.

Whatever you might be feeling anxious about take it to God in earnest prayer and trust the process. Trust that God will give you the right strategy at the right time, or the right level of understanding at the right time, or send the right person with the right words to assist you in the process of letting go of the anxiety around the situation and totally surrendering the situation as well as the outcome to God.

Today is a new day!!!

It’s new because the sun has risen this morning.
It’s new because you have arisen to meet it.
And the risen version of you has the power and capacity to rise to the occasion and handle your business for today.

Remind Yourself:  “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” (Philippians 4: 6)
PRAYER: You can prayer the scripture from today’s message or you can pray about anything that’s on your heart.

FASTING with The Soul Fast Workbook: Take at least 15-minutes today to renew your mind and fast from negative thinking by intentionally taking your thoughts captive as you complete your journal entry for (DAY 11) in the, Soul Fast Workbook.

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With Love,
Cassandra Mack