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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Would You Like To Pray With Me On Wednesday Mornings?

If you need to renew you mind, re-calibrate yourself emotionally or put yourself in a more faith-centered, resilient head-space. CALL IN. You won’t be disappointed It’s FREE and open to everyone.

Here are a few rules and expectations, for when you dial in to this Call...

1. The line only accommodates 1000 people. Once the call is at capacity you will not be able to get on the line. (Therefore you should call in about a minute or two before the scheduled start time) 

2. Make sure you are in a QUIET SPACE with NO TV, NO MUSIC, NO LOUD TALKING IN THE BACKGROUND, NO LOUD NOISE. ***Be Respectful When You Enter This Sacred Space That We Will Be Creating Together.
3. Dial in to the call, type in the access code and wait for the call to begin.
4. When you dial in the line will be OPEN. Once again - Please make sure you don't have any background noise.
5. Bring LOVE, LIGHT & POSITIVE ENERGY to this call. Say a prayer before you dial in and come to the call with a focused mind, an open heart and a loving spirit.

6. At the end of the call we will be doing something from CHURCH BY PHONE called RELEASE & ENCOURAGE. Instead of opening up the line for individual prayer, I will OPEN UP THE LINES for people to take 30-Seconds TO RELEASE THEIR CARES & 30-Seconds TO SAY ONE THING THAT THEY ARE GRATEFUL FOR or FEEL ENCOURAGED ABOUT.

7.) At the end of the call I will pray for everyone COLLECTIVELY & I will include your stated concerns in the Collective PRAYER.

I’m excited to spend Wednesday Morning with you. See you there. If you've read the rules and you are joining me for this call type in the comments section 👉🏽 I WILL BE THERE CASSANDRA!

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