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Friday, February 19, 2021

Join Cassandra Mack For A Vision Board Workshop On Overcoming Depression

The world we live in today has left many of us feeling sad and anxious. A Vision Board can serve as a therapeutic tool to help you create a visual road map for pressing through depression so that you can put yourself in a more resilient frame of mind and turn your bad days into better days. 

A vision board can help to increase self-awareness and mindfulness while allowing you to tap into your personal power and creativity. The words and images you choose to put on your board can help you better envision what you’d like your life to look like, how you’d like to feel each day and what you can do in the moment to take care of yourself …mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With the words and images on your vision board, you can visually see the actionable things that you can do press through depression and start taking charge of your mindset, mood and attitude. 

Creating a vision board that focuses specifically on dealing with depression can help you figure out what’s really important to you at this stage of your life, come up with simple self-care goals that you can implement as needed and put yourself in a better frame of mind one day at a time. You have the power to consciously choose to get behind the steering wheel of your mood and attitude in order to turn your bad days into better using healthy self-care strategies that work for you. 

Come to Cassandra Mack’s Vision Board Workshop where you will fellowship with like-minded people in an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity while making something meaningful to help you put some self-care strategies in place through the words and images that you choose to place on your vision board. At this virtual event, you can expect a thought-provoking, inspiring and creative workshop which will include self-reflection activities, coaching tips and vision board creation tips to help you step into the hope and future that God has for you. This event will take place on ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCING. 


1.) Entry Into The Vision Board workshop That will Focus on Creating A Visual Roadmap of Self-Care Strategies & Mental Mastery Techniques To Help You Press Through Feelings of Depression & Take Charge of Your Day. 

2.) A digital copy of Cassandra Mack's latest book which is her Self-Love Journal titled, "BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT"


3.) Your Very own MENTAL MASTERY CHECKLIST COFFEE MUG to help you start your day inspired. 

4.) PRACTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING Cheat Sheet, quick & simple tips to help you work through daily problems that come with depression like: The Get Out of Bed Strategy, The Command Your Morning Strategy, & The 30-Second GRATITUDE PRAYER To Help you Shift Your Focus Instantly. 

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