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Friday, February 5, 2021

Take The 40 Day Soul Fast Challenge With Cassandra Mack Ministries

 Take the 40 Day Soul Fast Challenge with me beginning on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 on my YouTube channel where we will be taking 40 days to fast from negative thinking 💭 and unproductive attitudes that undermine our success and eat away at our joy.

HOW THE SOUL FAST WILL WORK is starting on Wed., Feb., 17 I will be uploading a video on my YouTube channel for 40 days in a row excluding Sundays, where on each day of the Soul Fast we will focus on mentally detoxing from a specific belief or mindset that can get in the way of our purpose & wellbeing and we will be countering the negative belief with an encouraging Bible scripture designed to help us renew our minds and pull down mental strongholds. A Soul Fast is not about what you are eating physically it’s about what’s eating away at you mentally & emotionally. •What’s eating away at your peace of mind? •What’s eating away at your focus & clarity? •What’s eating away at your creativity? •What’s eating away at your relationships? Take 40 days to detox from mental negativity and put yourself in a better frame of mind. We will be working from my book 📖 THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK available at Amazon & Walmart. Get THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK at AMAZON: Go To Amazon Get THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK at WALMART: Go To Walmart See you on my YouTube channel on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 for THE SOUL FAST CHALLENGE Don't Forget To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel at the following link so that you can receive the notifications for our SOUL FAST CHALLENGE: Sending love ❤️ & prayer 🙏 to everyone who needs it today. #Lent #giveupnegativity #TheSoulFast #freeyourmind #spiritualdetox #CassandraMack