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Sunday, March 28, 2021

You're Invited To The Self Love Journaling Workshop

Self-love is a funny thing in that most people know that loving yourself and being okay with who you are authentically is the foundation for happiness, well-being and personal success. Yet, so many of us struggle to loves ourselves.

I will be offering a SELF-LOVE JOURNALING WORKSHOP THAT WILL TAKE PLACE on ZOOM. It's based on my self-love journal workbook, titled, "BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT," which guides readers through the 25 essential components of self-love and how to practice each in order to stay grounded in your own self-worth and personal power.

This journaling workshop will offer powerful tools and actionable practices to breakthrough the emotional clutter of feeling like you are “not enough” so you can shift into a more self-loving version of yourself & vibrate at a higher level of confidence.

Guided Journaling in a workshop setting is a therapeutic way to release your thoughts and feelings, get clear about what's holding you back and free up the necessary mental space to let go of what no longer works for you in this season of your life so that you can show up for your life as a more powerful version of yourself.

1. Discover the 25 components of self-love and work on some of the key components that will lay the foundation for unbreakable confidence and authentic self-esteem that can support you in your growth & development at every stage of life.

2. Discover Biblical principles that will enable you to tap into your internal Kingdom so that you can cultivate self-mastery.

3. Participate in guided self-confidence affirmations to help you learn to use the power of your spoken words to increase your confidence & build up your self-esteem.

4. Learn how to rewire your brain by to think on purpose so that you can train your mind to start challenging your negative beliefs and replace them with a more self-affirming internal narrative.

5. Ground yourself in authentic self-love so that you can start showing up as a more confident version of yourself immediately after this workshop.

1. Participate in guided journal prompts with the class from selected pages from Cassandra Mack's self-love journal "Because You're Worth It," while you sip on your favorite beverage.
2. Enjoy the company of other like-minded people from the comfort of your own home.
3. Participate in powerful, activities designed to help you ground yourself in self-love and embrace the totality of who you are so that you can show up for life as the full version of yourself.
4. Participate in a guided breathing exercise to release tension and worry from the mind and body and free up some mental space.