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Bible-Based Life Coaching

Bible-Based Coaching With Cassandra Mack

Proverbs 20:16 (AMP) tells us ….”Purposes and plans are established by counsel; and [only] with good advice make or carry on war.”

Are you a person of faith seeking the kind of faith-based personal coaching that can offer you strategies for success and wellbeing that are rooted in Biblical scripture? Sometimes all it takes is one focused conversation or just one perspective shift to: Get unstuck in an area where you feel stagnant; Reach your goals with greater ease and clarity: or Courageously face a Goliath of an issue that's getting in the way of your success and wellbeing. And this focused one-to-one coaching conversation can be that centering thing that makes all the difference that turns everything around in your life. Is this something that you want to experience?

Believe it or not, just like you .....most people are doing the best they can to figure out how to navigate this life and do so with some success and grace. And as you journey towards solutions to the things that challenge you, frustrate you or that you desire to do better and differently; you need Kingdom-based strategies that work and that are applicable to your unique set of circumstances. That's where Kingdom Keys Coaching with Cassandra Mack comes in. Cassandra Mack can help you get unstuck, accelerate your path to success or take your power back utilizing timeless Kingdom-based empowerment strategies straight from the Bible along with her Spirit-led innovative coaching and teaching style.

Here Are Some People From The Bible That You May Remember Hearing About:

Abraham was a faithful follower, turned leader, who God had to take outside of the place where he was sleeping in order to give him a fresh vision for his life. Do you need a fresh vision for your life? Call Cassandra!

David had to face his giants and learn how to walk in courage and integrity, even in the midst of rejection and opposition so that he could evolve into the leader he was purposed-built to be. Are there giants that you need to slay so that you can step into your success and build a reputation that's synonymous with greatness? Call Cassandra!

Ruth had to increase her faith while she was grieving, walk in humility during her season of singleness and get yoked to a mentor who had issues of her own in order to meet and marry her Boaz. Are there areas in your life that you need to work on, in order to prepare your heart and mind for your future Boaz? Call Cassandra!

Moses had to come out of Egypt in order to have his Burning Bush personal encounter with God so that he could be empowered and equipped for a destiny-altering, legacy-building mission. Is there a place in your life that you need to come out of, in order to position yourself for renewed purpose and destiny so that you can build the kind of legacy through your work or life mission that has the capacity to alter destiny and live on for generations beyond your physical lifespan? Call Cassandra!

Your situation is as important to God as the people we read about in the Bible. Hence the scripture in Acts 10:34, which assures us that God is no respecter of persons. And when you need a safe, professional, Kingdom-minded mentor, coach & consultant, to bring clarity and perspective to your situation... Call Cassandra!

Here Are The Areas Where Cassandra Mack Can Help You Via One-To-One Coaching and Consulting: 1.) Leadership Development and Strategy; 2.) Change Management; 3.) Relationship With Self and Others; 4.) Goals and Purpose.

Bible-Based Coaching With Cassandra Mack For A Believer Is:

1. Preparing yourself so you’re ready for the right people and right opportunities to enter your life ...thus enlarging your territory. 

2. Embracing all of who God created you to be so that you can show up for your life from your place of Power, Brilliance and Awesomeness.

3. Activating the Kingdom within by taking ownership of your life and utilizing every bit of your potential until you take your last breath.  

4. Not counseling. Coaching does not focus on what’s wrong with you nor does coaching with Cassandra Mack focus on a diagnosable mental health disorder. Instead we will focus on what’s right with you and show you how to use your time, talent and treasure to tap into the very best part of you ...the part of you that is powerful, prominent and purposeful. 

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