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Give A Financial Offering

Give A Free Will Offering To This Ministry

Choose the amount that you would like to sow into this ministry from the options below. We appreciate all financial gifts and any amount that you are led to send will be greatly appreciated and used to further the reach of this ministry. If you regularly receive your spiritual teaching and uplift at Cassandra Mack's Sunday Morning Hour of Power, then consider treating Cassandra Mack Ministries' Sunday Morning Hour of Power as you would your home church and REGULARLY send a free will offering to support the work of this ministry via our secure Paypal link.

Seed Into Cassandra Mack Ministries Through PayPal

Give A Financial Offering of Any Amount Through PayPal

Seed Into Cassandra Mack Ministries Through Cash App

To Send Your Financial Offering By Mail 

Send Your Check or Money Order To:

Strategies For Empowered Living Inc.
333 Madison Street, Office #1
New York, NY 10002 

Please make your check/money order payable to; Strategies For Empowered Living inc.

While prayer activates our faith and provides the internal resources of joy, peace, and wisdom; it takes financial seed otherwise known as money to provide the tangible resources to make the vision of the ministry a concrete reality. Every dream, goal and plan inspired by God but carried out by man requires tangible financial resources to bring it from the concept realm into the physical realm. 

We hope that you will consider regularly sowing a financial seed into Cassandra Mack Ministries' Sunday Morning Hour of Power Church By Phone on a regular basis just like you would if you were physically attending a local church.

Your offerings will be put to good use to further the work of the gospel.  

Give An Offering To The Prison Ministry
$20 sends 2 books to a prison (including shipping & handling) 
$30 sends 3 books to a prison (including shipping & handling)
$50 sends 5 books to a prison (including Shipping & handling)
$100 sends 10 books to a prison (including shipping & handling)


May God’s unlimited blessings and His unprecedented favor be upon you always. We pray that God will multiply what you have sown into this ministry and that you will receive a hundred-fold return, in Jesus' Name. Amen

It is scripturally sound to sow into the things of God that are helping us to bear good fruit in our lives. The Parable of the Talents in the book of Matthew 25: 14-30 provides a helpful framework for understanding the spiritual significance of sowing our seed in ways that bring us a good harvest. 

Have you been blessed by our ministry? Are you growing spiritually, prospering in your life and learning kingdom-based empowerment strategies for dealing with the hiccups and curve-balls of life as a result of our ministry? Are you learning how to navigate the various areas of your life with wisdom, understanding and grace via our ministry? If the answer is yes, consider sowing a financial seed into the ministry that feeds your mentally and spiritually each week so that we can hit the ground running and reach as many people as possible with the Kingdom message of help, hope and healing? 

When you support our ministry with your prayers, your finances, your faith and your support, you go from Making “A Difference" to Becoming “THE Difference" that enables us to break down walls, build bridges of hope and impact lives for the Kingdom in a greater way. 

Here's the other piece: As our ministry grows, you grow right along with us …because when you become a seed sower, you are essentially saying that …”We are in this ministry together.” Additionally, as our ministry grows so does outreach, effectiveness and impact and you become an essential part of our Kingdom building work and global vision to bring Bible-based strategies for empowered living to as many people as possible. Plus, when you sow a financial seed into the ministry you become part of Kingdom work which is something that is so much greater than ourselves and that lives on long after we’re gone. 

Sowing a financial seed is not something that we take lightly. It is a testament of your commitment and faith. When you sow a seed you are choosing to participate in the implementation of a single vision. Much like a marriage, sowing a seed requires faith, big picture thinking, transparency, understanding how the law of reaping and sowing works in all aspects of our lives and keeping your personal relationship with God as your foundation. You might not realize it: but there are many spiritual and tangible benefits to sowing into a ministry that is sowing into you spiritually. When you bless the work of God, it must come back to you. And if whatever you put out in good faith comes back tenfold and in ways that we cannot yet see then this also means that: When you sow into a grassroots ministry that is ready to hit the ground running and that is working to bring hope, empowerment, proper instruction and restoration through Christ to others, you are planting a seed in fertile ground that will position you to reap multiple streams of blessings. 

Luke 6:38 (NIV) …..”Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”