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Lent 2019

Welcome To Our 40-Day Lenten Soul Fast

For this LENTEN SEASON we will be doing the 40-day SOUL FAST using the bible-based principles from my book, The Soul Fast Workbook, where we will be fasting from NEGATIVE THINKING, NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL ATTITUDES, NEGATIVE CHOICES & NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS. Fasting from negativity is a great way to participate in Lent, by giving up soulish reactions to people and situations. 

To be part of our 40-Day SOUL FAST make sure to sign up at this website to be on our email list by entering your email on the ENTER YOUR EMAIL tab on our Home Page 

This year, why not focus your Lenten fast on giving up mindsets, attitudes, outlooks and beliefs that do not prosper your soul by joining us on this 40-day Soul Fast? You can get a copy of The Soul Fast Workbook at Amazon. The Soul Fast Workbook will provide you with Bible scriptures and Kingdom-centered principles to support you on your 40-day Soul Fast.

Unlike a fast from an edible food item or from a physical habit like watching television a Soul Fast is a master cleanse for your soul (the mind, the heart and the will). When you're on a Soul Fast you are fasting from unhealthy mindsets, outlooks, attitudes, beliefs and choices that stunt the growth of the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT and that are counterproductive to having an healed and emotionally whole soul. 

Why go on a Soul Fast for Lent? Lent is a season of preparation before Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Lent is all about meditating upon and learning more and more about what Jesus sacrificed for mankind at the cross. Giving up something for Lent is all about receiving more and more of God and going deeper in your spiritual walk through Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. 

The Lenten Fast (which is the period that most people consider to be 'Lent') starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday the Saturday before Easter). This is a period of 46 days. However, the six Sundays within the period are not fast days (Sundays are always feast days in the Christian calendar) and therefore not counted in the 40 days of fasting.

During the 40 days leading up to Easter/Resurrection Sunday, Lent provides us with an opportunity to reflect, release and restore, tune-in to our Kingdom calling, and renew our commitment to God. 

Beginning on March 6th, 2019, the first day of Lent; for 40 days in a row excluding Sundays, you will receive an encouraging daily message from me delivered to your inbox to encourage you stay the course of giving up negativity for Lent. I'll be going on the fast too. So, we're in this together. Lent provides a wonderful opportunity for us as Believers to reflect on our lives, go deeper in our faith, face our strongholds and the things we believe we cannot live without and become more intentional in our walk with Christ. 

Our 40-Day Lenten Soul Fast will consist of 3 components which are: Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving.

Prayer: Set aside 15-minutes a day during each day of Lent to spend some quiet time with God in prayer and meditating on a selected Bible scripture of your choosing or you can mediate on the scripture that will be included in the daily email that you will receive from me during the season of Lent. You will also journal each day during our Lenten Soul Fast in your Soul Fast Workbook which you will need to purchase from Amazon. 

Fasting: Each day of our 40-day fast, be intentional about fasting from negative thinking, negative conversations and negative reactions to people and situations. In your daily email that you'll get from me, you will receive a word of encouragement to stay the course of fasting from negativity for Lent. .

Almsgiving: For the Almsgiving component, we will be giving away $1 A Day for 40-Days in a row. To read the details about this 40-day giving challenge that we will be doing in conjunction with The Soul Fast Challenge, you can download the journal for free at the following link. Give Away $1 A Day Journal

With Love,
Cassandra Mack

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