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  • Cassandra Mack

Don't Let The Enemy Sabotage What God Wants To Do For You Through The Soul Fast

Congratulations On Your Decision To Do The Soul Fast!

This is the day that you start your 40-Day Soul Fast where we will be giving up negativity for Lent.

You may find that now that you're all set to start the soul fast that you are encountering obstacles you've never imagined ....all designed to frustrate you beyond belief, make you give up prematurely or get you to procastinate on getting started on your soul fast. Don't fall for the enemy's devices. You must stay the course ...especially if you are encountering obstacles to the process. It's important to remember that you have decided to win the battle in your mind, you have decided to make your life more fruitful, you have decided to use your God-given power to PULL DOWN STRONGHOLDS, CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS, TAKE YOUR THOUGHTS CAPTIVE, RENEW YOUR MIND and the enemy doesn't want to see you win! The battle may seem physical but the higher reality is that the battle is spiritual. Don't lose sight of this as you PRESS ON

One thing I know about how the enemy works is that he always comes to steal, kill and destroy ( John 10: 10) and the enemy usually does this through people, situations, circumstances and even our own attitude and mindset. Therefore I encourage you who are doing this soul fast with as corporately to.... Make It Your Business To DO THIS FAST! …No Matter What Obstacles Come Your Way. Do not give the enemy a foothold to prevent you from getting what you need from the 40 day Soul Fast,

Some of you may have gotten your SOUL FAST WORKBOOK but now you cannot find the motivation to get started on your worksheet/journal page for Day 1. Push through and get it done.

Perhaps your book was delayed so you might be thinking ...I cannot start my soul fast yet because my book has not arrived yet, Push through and choose to fast from one negative mindset/attitude today.

See these things are simply DISTRACTIONS from the enemy to block the blessings that you will encounter as a result of doing this soul fast! Don’t let the enemy block the breakthroughs & blessings that God wants to do for you and through you via this SOUL FAST

See, change can be a scary thing ...I get it, trust me I do. But you know what’s even scarier? Walking through life goverened by negative mental strongholds that undermine your best success and well-being Allowing The Past To Control How You Move Through Life is even scarier.

…And here’s the other piece and this is REAL: the Enemy knows that if He can prevent you from going all in on RENEWING YOUR MIND & HEALING YOUR LIFE and instead keep YOU stuck in mindsets that steal your JOY, undermine your FUTURE, break your FOCUS, cloud your VISION and knock you off your center and make you easily triggered & offended, he can frustrate your PURPOSE and DESTINY.

Don’t let anything get in the way of your BLESSED LIFE …START THE SOUL FAST & STICK WITH IT

This is your life and there are no do-overs.

With that being said: if you are ready to position yourself for your next and throw away all of the hindering issues in the trash can once and for all, then Make It Your Business …to START & STICK WITH THE SOUL FAST

REAL TALK: The SOUL FAST is an investment in you. …in Your MENTAL HEALTH & RESILIENT MENTAL HEALTH IS THE NEW WEALTH. Don’t let anything prevent you from doing THE SOUL FAST!

We are living in a day and age where there is so much chaos and evil in this world that as Belivers we must be SUPER INTENTIONAL about creating the kind of internal world that enables us to experience peace in the storm and clarity in the midst of chaos

Through the 40-Day process outlined in THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK, we will EMBRAK ON A JOURNEY of inner healing & personal transformation.

***REAL TALK: I want to SEE YOU WIN!!! I want to see you make the rest of this year better than what you've been currently experiencing …..where your MIND IS CLEAR, your EMOTIONS ARE GROUNDED in the truth of God's Word so that You are MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY & SPIRITUALLY POSITIONED for the next level of BREAKTHROUGH and INCREASE that GOD Has For You.

Let’s do this! And remember the more obstacles that the enemy throws in your path to get you to give up on this SOUL FAST, it only means that he is afraid of the level up that you are going to experience as a result of this soul fast . So be even more determined to be victorious in giving up negativity for Lent through the 40 day Soul Fast.

Thank you for trusting me as a voice of mentorship, tough-love and guidance.

Let’s Win Together,

Cassandra Mack

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