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  • Cassandra Mack

Simple Prayers For The Holidays

The holiday season is a special time of year. But for many the holidays can trigger feelings of stress, sadness or overwhelm.

The prayers in this book were written with this special time of year in mind and the varying ways that people experience the holidays. The good news is whether you are looking forward to the holidays or you're hoping to get through them as quickly and stress-free as possible, the prayers in Simple Prayers To Pray For The Holidays are all about helping you tap into the simplicity and power of prayer during this time of year. One of the most powerful gifts that you can give yourself at any time of the year; but especially during the holidays, whether you are gathering with friends and family this year or spending this time alone; the gift of prayer. Praying during the holiday season keeps hope alive, fortifies our faith and it helps us to focus on what matters most. What's more is, prayer enables us to talk to God about whatever is on our heart and mind.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 in the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. In other words: Never give up on prayer. As you wrap your holidays in the power and comfort of prayer, let the prayers in Simple Prayers To Pray For The Holidays: refuel your faith, encourage your heart, fill you with the joy of the Lord, empower you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and prepare you to face the holidays with gratitude, faith, love and hope. Included in this book are prayers for:

Comfort When You're Missing A Loved One Who Has Passed On

  • When You Feel Lonely During The Holidays

  • When You Feel Stressed During The Holidays

  • When You Are Estranged From Your Family

  • Thanksgiving Grace, Gratitude & Blessing Prayers

  • Christmas Prayers For Peace, Joy & Remembering The True Reason For The Season

  • New Year’s Prayers To Start Fresh & Leave The Past Behind You

There are also pages in this book where you can write your own prayers. As you read and pray the prayers in, “Simple Prayers To Pray For The Holidays,” it is my hope and prayer that the prayers in this book will bless you richly and encourage your heart this holiday season.


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