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  • Cassandra Mack

You Can Have A Successful New Year

It’s no coincidence you’re reading this email right now. The new year 2023 is less than 3 weeks away and the best way to start the new year with clarity and focus is by planning for it.

As a child of Almighty God, you have the power to unleash the hope and future that God has for your life it all starts with vision. Writing the vision and making it plain. I’ve written a new resource, filled with pages to map out your goals, plans and dreams for every day of the year.

It’s the brand-new 2023 See it, Speak It, Write It, Do It Success Planner & Journal. This powerful resource will bless and increase you every day and help you move forward with confidence towards your God-inspired goals and dreams.

See It, Speak It, Write It Do It, is the perfect planner & goal-setting journal to help you map out your vision for 2023 to capture your goals, dreams, plans, and great ideas in one centralized space. As you write your vision for 2023 and make it plain, you’ll be better equipped to eliminate distractions, stay focused on the things that matter most to you & become much more intentional about your life and future. This planner and journal offers lots of space to write your goals and important tasks. Each month has its own focus-for-the-month page where you can paste pictures, images, and quotes that capture what you intend to focus on during that particular month. Also included are selected bible verses that offer timeless wisdom to help you become more fruitful and intentional. There’s also a one-year bible reading plan for anyone who has always wanted to read the bible from start to finish, but didn’t know where to begin or how to start. With your See It, Speak It, Write It, Do It, planner and goal-setting journal, you can start planning for a more fruitful 2023 today. This personal planner includes:

1. A review of 2022 so you can reflect on how this year went for you.

2. Monthly focus pages so you can set your intentions for each month.

3. Month-at-a glance calendar pages, so that you can jot down important reminders, tasks, appointments and anything else for the month.

4. Monthly Goal-setting pages to plan out your monthly goals on paper.

5. Weekly to-do pages with space each day of the week for jotting down priorities for the week and weekly goals.

6. Monthly Project planning pages so that you can map out the important plans, projects or ideas that you’d like to accomplish each month.

7. Selected Bible verses that you can read and mediate on, so that you can move into the new year with greater wisdom, clarity and success.

8. A one-year Bible reading plan for anyone who would like to become more intentional about carving out time each day to read their Bible.

9. A year-in-review section so that you can track your successes and important milestones at the end of the year as well as gauge your areas for growth as you prepare to move forward into the next year.

The See, It, Speak It, Write It, Do It success planner and journal makes a perfect gift for friends, loved ones, business colleagues, as well as those in the Christian community.

Here is a prayer you can pray today to kickoff your Workweek

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