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  • Cassandra Mack

You're Invite To Cassandra Mack's Vision Board Workshop on Dec. 11th

Habakkuk 2: 2 in the Bible says to write the vision & make it plain so that those who read it may run with it.

In order to hit the ground running with your vision ...whatever your vision might be of

the most powerful strategies to bring your vision into fruition is the creation of a VISION BOARD. A VISION BOARD is a visual representation of your goals and heart's desires on the paper/canvas/board of your choosing. The POWER of A VISION BOARD is it enables you to get your goals & desires out of your head and onto a Visual Surface where you can plainly see your goals & heart's desires in front of you. When your VISION is in front of you, you are better able to use your VISION BOARD as a visual road map similar to a GPS which looks at your location and the road ahead in order to guide you to your DESTINATION .

Perhaps you've had some challenges and setbacks like most of us and you need to re-align some things in your life in order to experience a different kind of harvest moving forward. Perhaps you need to let some things go that no longer serve you well and that do not honor the type of person whom you want to evolve into. Perhaps you’ve made some short-sighted decisions in the past, only to find that you need to make some different choices to experience more fruitful results in your life . Whatever your reasons are for needing to be more intentional about changing some things in your life …It’s NOT TOO LATE!

Take some time out to re-assess and make some tweaks. One of the most powerful things you can do to bring your desired results into fruition is to carve out some dedicated time to plan, tweak your plan, talk about your plans, evaluate your plans and release what doesn't serve your purpose or well-being …And Maybe Even DREAM A TOTALLY DIFFERENT DREAM! It's Not Too Late To EXPERIENCE A BREAKTHROUGH! …It's NOT TOO LATE To use the rest of this year to gain a clearer sense of direction, breathe new life into your vision and discover or re-discover your purpose in this season of your life.

Come to Cassandra Mack’s Vision Board Workshop where you will fellowship with like-minded people in an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity while making something meaningful to help you position yourself for a harvest in 2022. At this virtual event, you can expect a thought-provoking, inspiring and creative workshop which will include high-value activities, coaching tips and vision board creation tips to help you step into the hope and future that God has for you. For More Information Click On The Eventbrite Link: vision board workshop

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