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Apply To Be A Guest Writer For Cassandra Mack's

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Are you looking for an opportunity to grow your brand, expand your reach,

build your reputation within your niche, and increase your visibility?


  • Getting yourself featured in magazines, digital publications, and more established platforms by way of contributing guest articles or doing interviews can shorten the time it takes to get your name out there and help raise the profile of your brand by increasing your platform, business or ministry’s exposure.

  • Getting your writing featured in a magazine can help you establish yourself as a credible and knowledgeable thought leader in your field while establishing your reputation as a go-to resource within your niche.

  • Through Cassandra Mack’s established inspirational, and influential brand (Cassandra Mack's YouTube Channel 75.000 subscribers & 10 Million Views, Cassandra Mack's TikTok 20,000 Followers, Cassandra Mack Ministries Facebook Group 2,500 Members, Cassandra Mack's Books on Amazon & Barnes & Nobel with over 150,000 books sold) Cassandra Mack's Da’Glow Magazine, will offer a platform for emerging content creators and faith-based thought leaders seeking to cast a wider net an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and experience to Cassandra Mack’s already engaged and growing audience.


We invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity to submit an article for consideration as a guest writer for Cassandra Mack’s Da’Glow Magazine.


What Type of Content Are We Looking For?

At Da’Glow Magazine, we are committed to providing our readers with valuable and inspiring articles that empower them to grow in their faith, mental mastery, emotional wellbeing, in their entrepreneurial journey and in ministry. As part of this commitment, we seek out and feature talented guest contributors who have informative and well-crafted articles to share with our readers. If you are a Christian content creator, entrepreneur, leader in ministry, leader in the workplace, an advocate, or you’re passionate about inspiring others to grow in their faith, we invite you to apply to be a contributing guest writer for Cassandra Mack’s Da’Glow Magazine

Brand Alignment Is Key

A key factor in the articles we accept and featured is that they must align with Cassandra Mack’s mission, message and brand.  We will only publish content that aligns with Cassandra Mack’s mission, message and brand, so make sure to familiarize yourself with Cassandra Mack’s content, business website and ministry website before submitting your request to write a guest article for Cassandra Mack’s Da’Glow Magazine.




How To Write for Da’Glow Magazine


Here's how to craft a great article that fits with Da’Glow Magazine's Mission, Message & Brand

Step 1: Be Informative But Not Overly Pushy & Preachy

After you have a subject in mind, consider how you


Step 2: Narrow your focus in the article

Don’t be too broad because when you write for everyone you write for no one. So before you start writing, think of a specific audience! The most successful articles for Da’Glow Magazine are narrowly focused and targeted to a specific reader who is dealing with a specific challenge or problem. This enables you to offer specific, tangible advice. For example, here are some article titles that speak to a specific reader: 5 Things To Pray For Whenever You Feel Depressed Around The Holidays ”  ‘5 Mistakes To Avoid When Airing Your Very First Podcast " and  “4 Scriptures To Pray Over Your Children If They Are Struggling With Poor Confidence”:


The most successful articles will offer information and tips that readers can use right away. Be practical. Be instructive. Be clear. And be engaging! 


Step 3. You Can Promote In Your Bio, But Not In The Body Of The Article

The article is not a place to promote your business, product or service, but to share your knowledge and experiences with our readers in the hope that they can learn from what you have written. Your bio at the end of the article is where you can describe yourself, include your website or linktree and how to find out more about you.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Article Length, Font Style & Size The body of the article must be 12pt Times New Roman font. The Title of the article must be 14pt Times New Roman Font.  The article length must be between 350 and 700 words (not including the title) (Use the word count feature in Microsoft word to make sure you don’t go over 700 words) If it’s longer than 700 words we can’t accept it. 

  • Write for our audience: Our audience are success-minded people of faith who are seeking inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Articles should not be preachy but should keep our audience in mind.

  • Craft a fresh article with relevant and practical takeaways. The article must be original and have not been published elsewhere.

  • Do Not Plagiarize someone else’s writing or copy someone else’s style. Only submit an original article that you have written yourself. If your piece is plagiarized, we can’t accept it.

  • Credit Your Sources. Check your facts and quotations. When you include facts or use a quote from someone make sure to cite the original sources in your article.

  • Write an engaging introduction at the start of your article that clearly leads readers into the article.

  • Make sure your writing is clear, concise and concrete. Give examples to support your point

  • Use Layman’s Terms. When writing your article do not use overly religious terminology that everyone may not understand. Keep it simple.

  • Edit and Spell Check Your Article. (We Will not edit and spell check for you and we cannot use articles that you have not fully edited for spelling, grammar and structure)

  • Make Sure You Own The Rights To Your Headshot Photo of Yourself That You Send Us That Will Accompany Your Article. ****If you’re article is accepted we will ask you for a photo of yourself that will be featured with your article
  • No self-promotion in the article. Your one-sentence bio is the place to do that. If the article is overly promotional instead of informational, we won’t accept it

  • Include a one-sentence bio at the end of your article with your website link. If you do not have a website, you can include your Linktree link.

Article Topics We Are Seeking For Our Upcoming Issue


To submit an article select only one of the following topics to write about and use the article submission form below.

1.) Why It’s Important To Pray Over Your Food (We Are Seeking An Article That Explains The Reasons Why It's Important To Pray Over Your Food. We Are Seeking A Numerical list article (3 Reasons Why ..or 5 Reasons Why)... , Not Overly Preachy But In Simple, Layman’s Terms So That Anyone Can Understand Why It's Important To Pray Over Your Food)


2.) Finding Your Strength During Tough Times (For This Article We Are Seeking A Personal Story of How You Got Through A Tough Time In Your Life & How Others Can Do It Too with a scripture that helped you and how it helped)


3.) How To Turn Your Good Idea Into A  Profitable Side-Income (We Are Seeking A How To Article From Someone Who Has Turned An Idea Into A Side or Full-Time Income With 6  to 8 Specific Tips For People of Faith On How To Turn A Skill or Idea Into A Side Income )


4.) How To Make New Friends As An Adult (The older we get the harder it can be to meet new people & make friends. We Are Seeking A How To Article With 7 to 10 Specific Tips On How To Make New Friends As An Adult)


5.) Servant Leadership: The Key To Cultivating A Great Team Who Can Achieve Great Things  (We Are Seeking A Well-Researched Informative Article About Servant Leadership & how this style of leadership can help build a great team who can achieve great things for your church or ministry )


6.) Goal Getter: A Step-By Step Formula To Achieve Your Goals (We Are Seeking A How To Article That offers actionable step by step way to achieve one’s goals)


7.) Reinvent Yourself: Here's How To Do It ( We Are Seeking An Inspirational Article With Steps To Reinvent One’s Self along with a Biblical example of a character in the Bible who reinvented himself/herself through God’s leading)


8.) How To Rest In God's Love When You Don't Feel Loved By Others   (We Are seeking an article that addresses the hard reality of not feeling loved by your family with advice on how to rest in God's love when you don't feel loved by your own family. Also include scriptures that speak to God's love.


9.) What To Do When You Hate Your Job (We Are Seeking An Article That Offers Tips To keep a godly attitude and work as if working onto The Lord while figuring out your next steps and Career options)


10.) How I Got Free From Drug Addiction & How Living Drug Free Improved My Life (We Are Seeking A Personal Story of How You Overcame Drug Addiction & How Living Drug Free Improved Your Life Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Relationships, Financially & Career)


11.) From Incarceration To The Good Life (We Are Seeking A Personal Story of How You Turned Your Life Around After Being Incarcerated & How Your Faith In God Helped You In Addition To Any Other Programs That Assisted You)


12.) Frugal Luxury: Finding Luxury & Abundance In The Simple Things ( An article that encourages readers to find luxury in the simple things and life' simple pleasures)

Submit Your Article


Simply fill out the application form below and if everything lines up and we are interested in featuring your article in the upcoming issue of Da’Glow Magazine someone from our team will be in touch!

Please do not email us or contact Cassandra Mack on social media to inquire about your submission. If we are interested we will contact you.

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