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Est. 2000



Strategies for Empowered Living Inc is a human development training & consulting company founded by Cassandra Mack in 2000; that offers educational workshops, life coaching services and inspirational books and products designed to help people succeed & grow. We support the growth and development of individuals and organizations through educational training, strategy sessions, leadership seminars and coaching programs that leave our clients equipped with the necessary strategies to maximize potential and facilitate  success.

Through our services and products we help people achieve greater self-mastery, fine-tune their interpersonal skills and engage in a capacity-building process that enables them to bridge the gap between their current situation and their desired results. We believe that when people are empowered with the right insight & tools to cultivate growth; they become more effective and productive on their jobs and in their communities.


  • We Facilitate Engaging and Transformtive Meetings & Strategy Sessions For All Levels of Staff.

  • We Assist Organizations With Action Planning. Accountability & Responsibility Through Leadership Work Circles.

  • We Help Leaders & Front-Line Staff  Alike Develop New Skills and Build On Strengths Through Workshops, Seminars, Executive Coaching  & Retreats.

  • We Help Organizations Develop More Cohesive Teams Through Team-Building & Critical Conversations Training . 

  • We Coach Individuals Who Feel Stuck Personally or Professionally Through A Highly-Focused Process of Facilitated Change Built On Our Unique Strengths-Based Framework.

Some of Our Past & Present Clients Include

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