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Join Cassandra Mack Live By Phone Every Sunday
For Church By Phone Sunday Service

….Back in 2016 Cassandra Mack  pioneered a concept known as CHURCH BY PHONE,” a live worship service delivered via conference call on Sunday mornings


With this God-inspired idea, Cassandra Mack is the visionary behind CHURCH BY PHONE a weekly service where anyone can attend by phone from the comfort of their home or wherever they are. Minister Mack has been reaching people all around the world by pioneering & producing this Sunday celebration & worship service that anyone with a phone can come to. The CHURCH BY PHONE service pulls in thousands of people from all across the USA, Canada, London, UK, Finland, Ireland, the West Indies, South Africa and many other countries.


Cassandra Mack came up with the idea for a worship service by telephone after offering a 15-minute prayer call, known as 15-minutes of power. This call was designed to bring people together no matter where they were …to fellowship, pray and learn how to unlock the wisdom of the scriptures. The idea to start Church By Phone came as callers shared their stories of being on the road while attending the prayer call, or being at work, walking their dogs , some called in from hospitals and nursing homes and there were even those who called in from the after-hours bars and clubs.


As Cassandra ministered to people who were in their homes on Sunday mornings, or in the hospital, or the city and state employees who often had to work on Sundays, entrepreneurs meeting up for Sunday Brunch or the unchurched who called in after a night of clubbing or playing cards it occurred to Minister Mack that everyone who called in to hear her preach & teach had access to a phone. And from this Church By Phone was birthed.


Cassandra’s goal was to get people to come together to pray, fellowship and grow in their faith within a Kingdom-centered community. And the common denominator that drew people in was their phone. Nowadays everyone carries around a phone. As a result, Cassandra Mack started CHURCH BY PHONE and now thousands are tapping in to be part of the global Kingdom conversation.


Cassandra Mack’s Church By Phone service concludes with a prayer request segment where Minister Mack prays live for callers directly after the sermon. Taking the word of God to wherever people already are is a fundamental principle of the Bible. It’s also what Minister Mack is doing with her CHURCH BY PHONE Service every Sunday morning, reaching people all around the world with the simple idea of teaching people to use what they already have to foster community and grow in faith.

You’re invited to join Cassandra Mack live by phone each and every Sunday for her dynamic CHURCH BY PHONE SUNDAY SERVICE. Now more than ever, it’s so important that we have opportunities to gather together to fellowship, be encouraged through the scriptures and gain tools for inner resilience. Cassandra Mack's Sunday celebration service is about 90-minutes sometimes a little longer depending on the collective conversation that follows - so just show up and your heart will be lifted. Learn More About Cassandra Mack Ministries.

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