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Become A Mental Help Ambassador For Cassandra Mack Ministries

Become A Mental Help Ambassador For Cassandra Mack Ministries by participating in our Spark of Hope Initiative

It goes without saying that this world is in need of hope and kindness. According to the 2021 Mental State of The World Report there is a decline in mental health worldwide, with young adults reporting the poorest outcomes feeling more stressed, anxious, lonely, depressed and even hopeless about their future.

With this need in mind, Cassandra Mack Ministries has launched the Spark of Hope Mental Help Initiative which seeks to champion mental wellbeing by spreading kindness & sparking hope through Random Acts of Kindness by giving Cassandra Mack’s Simple Prayer books as well as motivational gifts regardless of religion, gender or economic status.

Sometimes all it takes is one kind word or one small act of kindness to ignite that spark of hope which inspires, uplifts and motivates an individual to keep on going and not give up. Anyone can become a Champion of Mental Help because it's about championing the importance of inner wellbeing. You can also become a Mental Help Intercessor by praying for the needs of others in the area of mental wellbeing, emotional strength, mental resilience and soul healing.

The word "soul" comes from the Greek word psyche. Therefore psychology in the truest sense of the word is the study of the human soul. One of the countless benefits of becoming a Believer is that you now have kingdom tools by way of the scriptures to start healing the soul. Different from a licensed mental health professional, a Mental Help Ambassador is any person with a heart's desire to be part of the ministry of helps. In this case helping to uplift souls through random acts of kindness.

You can become a Mental Help Ambassador & partner with our Spark Of Hope Mental Help Initiative in one or more of these 5 ways. Gather with a group of friends or family and...

  1. Purchase Cassandra Mack’s Simple Prayer books and in the books write words of encouragement along with your favorite scripture and give the books out as The Lord leads you.

  2. Purchase Cassandra Mack’s mugs, t-shirts and hoodies, write a handwritten note with words of encouragement and give them out as The Lord leads you.

  3. Purchase gift cards in any amount that you are able to provide for groceries, gas, your local pharmacy, Walmart, ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft and give them out randomly at bus stops or areas that are in need as The Lord leads you

  4. Print our CHURCH BY PHONE Flyer, make copies, gather with friends or family and give the flyers out as the Lord leads you and ask the person you are giving the flyer to if there is a need that they would like you to pray for. Then pray for them or with them as the Lord leads you.

  5. TAKE A PICTURE of you or your group serving as a Spark of Hope Mental Help Ambassador when you give someone one of Cassandra Mack's books or our Merch and TAG CASSANDRA MACK on one or more of her social media platforms.

  • For this initiative, only TAG Cassandra Mack on pictures that include you or your group giving out her books, merch or Church By Phone Flyers. This way Cassandra Mack will know that you are one of her Mental Help Ambassadors helping to spread our message, merch and mission. Instagram @TheCassandraMack Facebook @CassandraMackMinistries YouTube @CassandraMack Use the HashTags #CassandraMackMinistries #CassandraMackSparkofHope #MentalHelpAmbassador

To find out more: Spark of Hope Mental Help Ambassador

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