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  • Cassandra Mack

Bible Verse Songs For Meditation, Relaxation, Anxiety & Insomnia

Happy Monday

I hope your week is off to a fruitful start I wanted to let you know about my new EP titled, A Sip of Scripture

This EP is a collection of bite-sized Bible Verse songs for meditation and relaxation. As you know, music can have a big effect on our frame of mind, mood & attitude throughout the day.

These Bible verse meditation songs by yours truly were created to help you relax, be encouraged, calm anxiety, de-stress or fall asleep with the scriptures playing in the background if you have trouble sleeping as well as inspire your devotion time. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with this cozy EP that combines spoken word and singing to help you reflect on one Bible verse at a time.

Create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for bible reading, meditating, sleeping, studying, working, driving to or from work or just relaxing. Get ready to experience the soothing power of the scriptures in song format ight in your own home! You can check out the EP at Bandcamp at the following: A Sip of Scripture


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