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You're Invited To Take Cassandra Mack's Soul Fast Challenge To Give Up Negativity For Lent

Lent will be here sooner than you know it. This year Lent begins on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Lent is all about meditating upon and learning more and more about what Jesus sacrificed for mankind. So giving something up for Lent isn't about taking something away from you. Giving up something for Lent is all about GOD GIVING MORE BREAKTHROUGH & REVELATION TO YOU as you go deeper in your spiritual walk through PRAYER, FASTING & ALMSGIVING.

Many people observe Lent by “giving up” a bad habit or distracting practice, during the 40 days leading up to Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Lent provides us as Believers, with an opportunity to focus, reflect, release and be renewed and restored, tune-in to our Kingdom calling, and renew our commitment to God. So why fast during Lent? Why give up something? .....Simple: for our own spiritual growth and for the benefit of our neighbor. The truth is, for most of us, our lives are filled with things which satisfy the flesh, that lift our mood in the short-term, and provide pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment and that make us more and more disconnected from God and each other. But to give up things that we believe we cannot live without moves us away from consumerism and self-absorption to God-centered and people-connected.

For this LENTEN SEASON Cassandra Mack Ministries will be doing the 40-day SOUL FAST as a corporate fast working from my book THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK.

THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK is a Bible-based guidebook that walks readers through the process of doing a 40-day Soul Fast and it outlines this process step-by-step providing scriptures, journal prompts and direction. The book is meant to be used as a self-guided tool and personal journaling space so that you can do the 40-day soul fast at your own pace.

THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK provides the Believer with another way of Denying The Flesh, by helping us: renew the mind, take our thoughts captive, allow God to create in us a clean heart, and prompting us to give up soulish reactions to people and situations during this season of lent that trigger the old man that we have committed to taking off in order to put on the new man through Christ. Unlike a fast from an edible food item or from a physical habit like watching television a Soul Fast is a master cleanse for your heart and mind. When you're on a Soul Fast you are fasting from unhealthy mindsets, outlooks, attitudes, beliefs and choices that stunt the growth of the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT and that are counterproductive to having an healed and emotionally whole soul. This year, why not focus your Lenten fast on giving up mindsets, attitudes, outlooks and beliefs that do not prosper your soul by going on a SOUL FAST?

**Have You Ever Considered Giving Up Negativity for Lent? ** Giving up negative thinking is a means of crucifying the flesh and in many ways it's even more difficult than giving up a food item or a bad habit, because our internal dialogue and the conversations and choices that ensue from it are deeply ingrained in our thinking. Part of walking by faith with greater power and authority is being cognizant of the fact that as a Christian, you have the mind of Christ on the inside of you. But in order to show up for life from that place in a more intentional way, you must be deliberate and purposeful about monitoring your internal dialogue otherwise known as taking your thoughts captive. That's what this *Soul Fast* is all about. If you would like to join us in giving up negativity for Lent along with the thousands of people from all around the globe who are part of Cassandra Mack Ministries then consider being a part of our 40-Day Lent Soul Fast, where as a community we will be working from my book THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK

Don't forget to pick up your copy of my book, THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK at Amazon or Barnes & Noble Bookstores, as we will be working from this book during our 40-day fast for this season of Lent.


1.) Get my THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK which will provide you with the guidance, scriptures, information, and action steps you need to do this 40-day self-guided soul fast.

2.) Watch The Video On YouTube

3.) THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK 40-Day Soul Fast is broken up into 4 modules that consist of 10 days of fasting from negativity.

  • Module 1 The Mind is Fasting From Negative Thinking in order to become wise stewards over our mental health & pull down any mental strongholds that negatively affect our confidence in who we are in God.

  • Module 2 The Heart is Fasting From Intensely Negative Emotions that eat away at our emotional stability & wellbeing and that can trigger us to fall into sin.

  • Module 3 The Will is Fasting From Negative Choices that produce death and curses instead of life and blessings.

  • Module 4 Relationships is fasting from Negative Relationships that we need to re-evaluate to determine if there are people in our lives who we need to come out from among

We Will BE STARTING Our 40-Day SOUL FAST For Lent On WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2023 & we will start working from THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK on this day.

Order THE SOUL FAST WORKBOOK today so that we can all start on the same day which will be Feb, 22, 2023

Sending love ❤️ & prayers🙏 to everyone who needs it.


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