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Cassandra Mack's Challenges

What's The Science Behind
Cassandra Mack's Challenges?

Research suggests that it takes about 21 days to start the process of building a new habit or changing an old one. It takes about 40 consecutive days to solidify a new habit into a lasting behavioral change. The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12: 2).  


Cassandra Mack's Challenges are all about cultivating inner wealth & leaning into personal transformation through the renewing of the mind & self-mastery skills. Her challenges are meant to help you jumpstart the process of an ongoing journey towards your personal development & spiritual growth.

Grateful, Thankful And Blessed Challenge.jpg

Grateful, Thankful

& Blessed 21-Day Gratitude Challenge

November is national gratitude month.

1 Thessalonians 5: 18 in the Bible says... "Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for those who are in Christ Jesus." Plus studies show that people who practice gratitude are not only happier but healthier. Why not put yourself in a happier and healthier headspace so you can end this year strong by taking on Cassandra Mack's Grateful, Thankful & Blessed 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge.


Beginning November 1, 2023 we will be kicking off our Grateful, Thankful & Blessed 21-DAYS OF Gratitude Challenge where I am challenging us all – myself included, to become more intentional about counting our blessings instead of our problems.

Blessed Journal.jpg

Ready to develop an attitude of gratitude, but not sure how to get started? This 21 DAY CHALLENGE will help you become more mindful of the simple ways that your life is already blessed. You can cultivate a more joyful life simply by practicing intentional gratitude.


To participate in our GRATEFUL, THANKFUL & BLESSED 21-DAY CHALLENGE, the instructions are simple:

1.) Download & Print the FREE Grateful, Thankful And Blessed 21-Day Challenge PDF  

2.) Each day of the challenge journal about something that you are grateful for.

3.) If you have children, get the whole family involved or do this challenge with a friend

4.) Pick up Cassandra Mack's Gratitude Journal, YOU ARE BLESSED 

5.) Get Cassandra Mack's song, Grateful, Thankful & Blessed Song and play it every morning when you wake up during this 21-Day Challenge to get your mind, heart & attitude prepared for greater gratitude.

6.) Bonus tip: Make a short video of yourself talking about something that you are grateful for and tag Cassandra Mack on Facebook. Use the hashtags #GratefulThankfulAndBlessedChallenge #CassandraMackMinistries 


For those of you who would like to go deep in your gratitude journey, I encourage you to pick up Cassandra Mack's Gratitude Journal YOU ARE BLESSED  which walks you through my process of cultivating an attitude of gratitude even when you are going through hard times and challenges.

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