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What's The Science Behind
Cassandra Mack's Challenges?

Research suggests that it takes about 21 days to start the process of building a new habit or changing an old one. It takes about 40 consecutive days to solidify a new habit into a lasting behavioral change. The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12: 2).  


Cassandra Mack's Challenges are all about cultivating inner wealth & leaning into personal transformation through the renewing of the mind & self-mastery skills. Her challenges are meant to help you jumpstart the process of an ongoing journey towards your personal development & spiritual growth.

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Rise Above The Haters 12 week Summer Challenge

John 15: 18 in the Bible says... “If the world hates you, know that it hated Jesus first.


So if you are struggling to stay focused & hopeful because you've got haters or if you want to level up your hater proof powers, the Rise Above The Haters 12 week challenge kicking off on June 1, 2024 is for you


Beginning June 1, 2024 we will be kicking off our Rise Above The Haters 12-Week Challenge  where I am challenging us all – myself included, to become more intentional about leveling up our hater proof powers, so that we can remain focused on what matters most and never allow other people to steal our joy, eat away at our peace or negatively affect our confidence and integrity.


Ready to level up your hater proof mindset, attitude and skillset, but don't know where to start? This 12 WEEK CHALLENGE will help you level up your wisdom, discernment, confidence, and self-control to deal with your haters Biblically, strategically and wisely. You can rise above the envy, shade & hate with the tips, tools & action-oriented exercises in the Rise Above The Haters Journal.


To participate in our RISE ABOVE THE HATERS 12 WEEK CHALLENGE, the instructions are simple:

1.) Download & Print the FREE Rise Above The Haters 12 Week Challenge PDF  

2.) Document Your Journey: Make a short video of yourself each week of this challenge sharing one thing you learned from the Rise Above The Haters Journal or share 1 story-time video with 1 piece of advice encouraging others to rise above the haters. 

  • Post the video on your TikTok, Instagram or whatever social media platforms you're on.

  • Tag Cassandra Mack on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Use the hashtags #RiseAboveTheHaters    #BeGreaterThanYourHaters   #CassandraMack so that everyone who is on this journey can find each other's videos and learn from everyone's experience.  

3.) Invite a friend or get the whole family involved if they have haters too

4.) Pick up Cassandra Mack's Journal at Amazon, RISE ABOVE THE HATERS 

5.) Get Cassandra Mack's song, Greater Than Your Haters and play it every morning when you wake up during this Challenge to get your mind, heart & attitude prepared to keep on rising, shining & thriving. 


***For those of you who would like to dive deeper in your Rise Above The Haters Journey and gain more clarity and direction, join our Wednesday Wellness Club through my YouTube Channel Membership (at the Wellness Tier) and get access to our live conference calls, members only videos & our Rise Above The Haters Livestream Journaling Class .

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