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  • Cassandra Mack

Check Out The Review From Music Farmer 5 of My Song "Grateful, Thankful & Blessed"

I hope & pray your week is off to a wonderful start.

I wanted to share the review that my new debut single GRATEFUL, THANKFUL & BLESSED received from a Music Review Blog.

  • Here is a snippet from the review in Music Farmer 5 by Adam Jones.... "Grateful, Thankful & Blessed" transcends the realm of modern gospel; it is a spiritual odyssey. CASSANDRA MACK has woven a debut that is as much a hymn as it is a chart-topping aspiration. It stands tall as a glowing showcase of her artistry - a vocalist, a storyteller, and a beacon of hope in a world that too often loses sight of the sanctity of everyday blessings."

You can read the full review on The MUSIC FARMER 5 BLOG

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