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Wednesday Wellness Is Moving To Spiritual Spa Podcast On Wed. 3/2/2022

As of Wed., March 2, 2022 we weill be moving the Wednesday Wellness Call to the CASSANDRA MACK SPIRITUAL SPA PODCAST.

What that means is on Wednedays instead of calling in to a conference line and having to dial an acccess code for the Wednesday Wellness teaching, you can simply go to the Spiritual Spa podcast on Wednesdays @ 8am EST to hear the wellness teaching. This allows us as a ministry to EXPAND OUR REACH since the podcasts can be heard on the following platforms:

The podcasts stay up so if you're not able to listen when it first airs, you can listen in at any time. What’s cool about the podcast is, you can also leave a prayer request to be included in the podcast by using the Message feature on my spiritual Spa Podcast in the Ancor app

You can also listen directly from this website

I want to thank everyone connected to Cassandra Mack Ministries, Church By Phone, our YouTube and Facebook community for being with us on our journey to reach more souls for the Kingdom. God bless you. I appreciate each and every one of you

Much Love,

Cassandra Mack


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